Romania vs Northern Ireland: prediction for the international friendly
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Romania vs Northern Ireland: prediction for the international friendly

First meeting between both teams since the 2020 Nations League!

Northern Ireland will travel to Bucharest, where the Euro 2024 participants from Romania are already waiting for them. A friendly match will begin on Friday, March 22, at 8:45 PM CET.


After missing three international events in a row, Romania will participate in Euro 2024, as the qualification went smoothly for the Tricolorii.

Romania has not lost a single match, allowed only five goals in ten games and earned 22 points, more than enough to win the group despite the presence of Switzerland in it. Sitting 45th in the FIFA rankings, Romania can now start preparing for the Euro itself, where they will face Belgium, Slovakia and the Path B winner, as Romania will hope to earn more than a single point like it happened in 2016.

Northern Ireland

For a while it looked like Norn Iron might become the “next Wales” in European football and start competing for the constant berths at the international events, but it has yet to come true.

Northern Ireland struggled during the qualification in a tough group, losing seven of nine before sweeping a Denmark team, which has already guaranteed themselves a trip to Germany this summer. Now, down at 74th spot in the rankings, Northern Ireland can hope that the next cycle is going to be more successful, as the trip to the North American World Cup will be on the line.

Prediction ⚽️

For now, however, Northern Ireland will go to Bucharest, where they will face Romania for the first time since 2020, when teams split two League of Nations fixtures with the same “1-1” scorelines.

Romania posted three consecutive home victories to close the qualification, including a win over Switzerland, so we will agree with sportsbooks and side with the hosts with 2.10 odds 🔥.