Republic of Ireland vs Switzerland: prediction for the international friendly
13 17:41, 24 March 2024 Tipsta

Republic of Ireland vs Switzerland: prediction for the international friendly

First meeting between the two since 2021!

Republic of Ireland, fresh off their clash with Belgium in Dublin, will host another Euro 2024 medal hopefuls in Switzerland. Match will begin on Tuesday, March 26, at 8:45 PM CET.

Republic of Ireland

Ireland will not come back to the European championship final stage, as they lost six times to Greece, France and Netherlands during the qualifying process, so it is a beginning of the new era for the 62th ranked team in the world.

Before starting play in the Nations League in autumn, Ireland has a grueling schedule of friendly matches to get through, as they will face Belgium, Switzerland, Portugal and Hungary - all of the teams, hopeful for the medal finishes in Germany in summer.


The Swiss squad had its fair share of struggles during the Euro 2024 qualifier, as they scored 17 points in 10 games, tying the likes of Belarus and Kosovo and barely scraping by Andorra at times.

Nonetheless, it was enough to finish second and avoid the play-off games for the 19th ranked national team. In the final stage Switzerland will start against Hungary before facing Scotland and the tournament hosts in Frankfurt on June 23, but for now it is time for the friendlies.

Prediction ⚽️

Teams have not played each other much throughout the history, with the last pair of games coming in 2019. where Switzerland scored four points in the span of a month.

A game in Ireland, however, ended in a β€œ1-1” draw, so while the Swiss will be the favorites in Dublin, the hosts can still give them troubles. Using the solid odds, we will bet on the hosts not losing in this one.