Manchester United vs Everton: prediction for the Premier League Week 28
21 07:45, 8 March 2024 Tipsta

Manchester United vs Everton: prediction for the Premier League Week 28

Another Toffees attempt to find a victory in 2024!

The Toffees, who are still fighting for their spot in the Premier League, will visit Old Trafford in the Premier League Week 28 match. Game will begin on Saturday, March 9, at 1:30pm CET.

Manchester United

The Red Devils’ quest of finishing in top-5 came to a screeching halt last week, as Manchester City roared back from a “0-1” deficit and took away three points in a derby.

Now, six points behind Tottenham Hotspur in the standings, it looks extremely unlikely for Manchester United to qualify for the Champions League in 2024. That, combined with the early UCL exit this season, might lead to a complete rehaul of players and coaches, as United is entering a new era with changes in the ownership ranks.


Getting four points back from the deducted ten was massive for the Toffees, as Everton is now five points clear from the relegation zone. Still, while being one of the clubs which were never relegated from the Premier League, the team could use a non-loss during their visit to Manchester.

While boasting a top-5 defense in the entire league, Everton fields a bottom-3 offense, as only hopeless Burnley and Sheffield United score less than the Liverpool-based club. 

Prediction ⚽️

Everton got crushed at the Goodison Park during the first round, as Manchester United won “3-0”, posting their fourth consecutive win in the series.

Everton have not won a match in the Premier League since their four game winning streak in December, going through the entire January and February without earning three points. Now, with the visit to Old Trafford coming up, things are not looking promising for the Toffees, as we will side with Manchester United to secure a win with 1.96 odds 🔥.