Cardiff City vs Ipswich Town: prediction for the EFL Championship Week 37
19 11:12, 7 March 2024 Tipsta

Cardiff City vs Ipswich Town: prediction for the EFL Championship Week 37

A treacherous trip to Wales awaits, as the Blues try to hold on to the top-2 spot.

It was a barn burner in the first round, so Cardiff City and Ipswich Town will go for round 2 in Week 37 of the EFL Championship 2023-2024. Match will begin on Saturday, March 9, at 1:30pm CET.

Cardiff City

While being unable to keep their spot in the Premier League for longer than a season, it would be a miracle for Cardiff City to return there anytime soon. The Bluebirds finished 18th and 21st in the last two campaigns, and this one is not going much better.

Winning two in a row, however, distanced the squad from the relegations, as they are ten points behind the coveted sixth spot and a trip to playoffs. To get there, Cardiff City could use every point, but the upcoming game is not going to be a walk in the park.

Ipswich Town

Falling down from the Premier League in 2002, Ipswich Town have not been back there since, but after a trip to League One and being back in the Championship, the team is ready.

A dramatic victory against Bristol City on Tuesday kept the Blues in second place, while simultaneously giving them the highest flying attack in the entire league. Powered by 73 goals in 36 games, Ipswich Town will now go to Wales, hoping to retain those two spots before the next week begins.

Prediction ⚽️

Cardiff City led by two after sixty minutes in the first round, but Ipswich Town roared back with three in a row to secure the much needed three points.

Now, going on the road, the Blues will play for the seventh win in a row, as we will side with the total amount of goals in this game being over 2.5 with 1.93 odds 🔥.