ITF Women ITF Switzerland 03A
Sina Herrmann
2 : 0
Ended 23 Jun 2024, 14:35
Chiara Talleri
Sina Herrmann
Chiara Talleri

Prediction for Sina Herrmann - Chiara Talleri 23 June 2024

Sina Herrmann and Chiara Talleri will face off on 23 June 2024 to determine who will stand out on the court. The "ITF Switzerland 03A" tournament has already endeared itself to the participants, but for someone, the upcoming match will be the last. Who will it be? We suggest analyzing this confrontation, comparing all statistical indicators, the history of head-to-head clashes, and the current form of the opponents. At first glance, the obvious betting option would be: Total under (21.5), but it's better not to rush to conclusions and make an informed choice based on the data we have provided below.

Head-to-Head Encounters: Sina Herrmann - Chiara Talleri

This meeting will be the first in the history of face-to-face encounters between the opponents. Sina Herrmann and Chiara Talleri will put in all their efforts to open the score of victories in their personal matchups. But which of them will succeed? Read below.

Statistical Preview of Sina Herrmann and Chiara Talleri

Sina Herrmann

Let's examine the results of the last ten matches in the current season for Sina Herrmann. Here are the key indicators:

  • Win/Loss: 8 / 2
  • Win/Loss in the first set: 7 / 3
  • Average total games: 20.9

Results of victories:

  • 5 with a score of 2-0 (62.5%);
  • 3 resulted in a victory with a score of 2-1 (37.5%).

Results of defeats:

  • 1 with a score of 0-2 (50%);
  • 1 was lost with a score of 1-2 (50%).

Chiara Talleri

Statistics for the last ten matches:

  • Win/Loss: 0 / 10
  • Win/Loss in the first set: 0 / 10
  • Average total games: 15.9

Winning results:

  • 2-0 - 0 (62.5%);
  • 2-1 - 0 (37.5%).

Losing results:

  • 0-2 - 10 (50%);
  • 1-2 - 0 (50%).

Prediction for the match between Sina Herrmann and Chiara Talleri

We suggest identifying the likely winner of the upcoming confrontation based on their average winning game performance per match. To do this, let's look at the data for both sides over the past year. Sina Herrmann averages 20.9 games per match, winning 11.2 of them, and 4.8 games in the first set. Chiara Talleri has the following results: the average total games over the past year – 17.7, with 5.3 victories, and an average of 2.1 games in the starting set. Considering this statistics, we choose the bet Total under (21.5).

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