ATP Challenger Challenger Perugia
Luciano Darderi
2 : 0
Ended 15 Jun 2024, 17:30
Daniel Altmaier
Luciano Darderi
Daniel Altmaier

Prediction for Luciano Darderi - Daniel Altmaier 15 June 2024

The match scheduled for 15 June 2024 will see Luciano Darderi striving for success, while Daniel Altmaier will do everything to thwart their efforts. Every point in this battle will count, as the "Challenger Perugia" tournament does not forgive mistakes. So, who will emerge victorious? To understand the chances of both sides for triumph, it is worth delving into the language of numbers. Only statistics, the history of head-to-head confrontations, and the current form of the opponents will help us choose the right betting option. All of this is covered in our prediction.

Head-to-Head Encounters: Luciano Darderi - Daniel Altmaier

Luciano Darderi and Daniel Altmaier have already had the pleasure of playing against each other. In total, they have played: 0. On average, their head-to-head meetings take place over 0 sets and 0 games. Luciano Darderi wins games on average: 0, and the opposing side wins: 0.

Statistical Preview of Luciano Darderi and Daniel Altmaier

Luciano Darderi

In the current season, Luciano Darderi has shown the following results (data from the last ten matches):

  • Win/Loss: 7 / 3
  • Win/Loss in the first set: 6 / 4
  • Average total games: 23.2

Statistics for winning results:

  • 2-0 - 4 (57.1%);
  • 2-1 - 2 (28.6%).

Statistics for losing matches:

  • 0-2 - 2 (66.7%);
  • 1-2 - 0 (0%).

Daniel Altmaier

Statistics for the last ten matches:

  • Win/Loss: 5 / 5
  • Win/Loss in the first set: 5 / 5
  • Average total games: 27

Statistics for winning results:

  • 2-0 - 4 (57.1%);
  • 2-1 - 0 (28.6%).

Statistics for losing matches:

  • 0-2 - 3 (66.7%);
  • 1-2 - 1 (0%).

Prediction for the match between Luciano Darderi and Daniel Altmaier

Both Luciano Darderi and Daniel Altmaier deserve victory in this encounter, but their current form and recent results speak for themselves. It's worth considering the average number of won games in the last ten matches: Luciano Darderi has a rating of 12.7, and they win 5.3 on average in the first set. At the same time, Daniel Altmaier has the following indicators for the same ten previous matches: 13.6 and 5.3. Numbers and statistics are the best allies in betting, and we have provided comprehensive information about the upcoming match. All the above facts, as well as the indicators of the opposing sides in the current season, point to the only correct betting option, which we will play: Total over (21) with coefficient 1.72

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