ITF Women ITF Serbia 15A
Anja Stankovic
2 : 1
Ended 11 Jul 2024, 07:00
Anastasija Cvetkovic
Anja Stankovic
Anastasija Cvetkovic

Prediction for Anja Stankovic - Anastasija Cvetkovic 11 July 2024

The tournament "ITF Serbia 15A" is in high spirits, and a real showdown is set for 11 July 2024. Anja Stankovic is gearing up for a match where they will have to make a serious effort for victory. However, Anastasija Cvetkovic is in the same mood, preparing for a fierce battle for every serve. This encounter is sure to be interesting. Many would undoubtedly lean towards the outcome: Total under (21.5), but before making a final choice, it is necessary to examine all available statistics to ensure the accuracy of the presumed outcome.

Head-to-Head Encounters: Anja Stankovic - Anastasija Cvetkovic

Previously, Anja Stankovic and Anastasija Cvetkovic have not played against each other. It will be particularly interesting to witness their debut face-to-face confrontation, which promises to be vibrant and fascinating. The result, of course, may be surprising, as tennis often brings unexpected twists. However, we suggest relying on statistics and placing a bet that, in our view, should be approached with confidence.

Statistical Preview of Anja Stankovic and Anastasija Cvetkovic

Anja Stankovic

To understand the current form of Anja Stankovic, let's review the statistics from the last ten matches:

  • Win/Loss: 6 / 4
  • Win/Loss in the first set: 7 / 3
  • Average total games: 20.2


  • 5 with a score of 2-0 (83.3%);
  • 1 was a victory with a final score of 2-1 (16.7%).


  • 2 with a score of 0-2 occurred in the last 10 games (50%);
  • and 1-2 in 2 (50%) respectively.

Anastasija Cvetkovic

Statistics for the last ten matches:

  • Win/Loss: 5 / 5
  • Win/Loss in the first set: 6 / 4
  • Average total games: 19.5

Winning results:

  • 2-0 - 5 (83.3%);
  • 2-1 - 0 (16.7%).

Losing results:

  • 0-2 - 4 (50%);
  • 1-2 - 1 (50%).

Prediction for the match between Anja Stankovic and Anastasija Cvetkovic

This encounter promises to be challenging for both opponents. Often, winning the first set gives a psychological advantage in the match, although it is not a decisive factor for the final victory. Nevertheless, let's examine the statistics of wins and losses in the initial set for both sides. Over the last 365 days, Anja Stankovic has won the first set 39 times and lost it 26 times. In comparison, Anastasija Cvetkovic has demonstrated strength by winning 5 times, losing 4 times. While these figures may guide the choice of the winner based on the first set's outcome, it's essential to note that not everything depends solely on these statistics. Considering the facts outlined in our preview, we recommend betting on: Total under (21.5).

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