Russia Youth League
7 : 2
Ended 12 Jul 2024, 12:00
Fakel U19

Prediction for CSKA U21 - Fakel U19 12 July 2024

In the upcoming showdown, CSKA U21 and Fakel U19 will face each other on 12 July 2024 at 15:00. The match promises to deliver intense gameplay and beautiful football. However, motivation alone is not always enough to meet our expectations. That's why we suggest thoroughly analyzing the match and choosing the most likely outcomes. Who will come out stronger after 90 minutes of playing time? Read on to find out.

Head-to-Head CSKA U21 - Fakel U19

This is not the first match where CSKA U21 and Fakel U19 determine the stronger team. The teams have met before. It's worth noting that the last head-to-head encounter ended with a score of 0:1. Should we expect a similar result this time? It's too early to draw conclusions. Let's delve into a more detailed discussion of each club separately.

Statistical Prediction for CSKA U21 vs Fakel U19


It's time to take a look at the current form and average performance of the home team. The last 10 matches for the home side include: 8, 2, and 0. During this period, the team scored 25 and conceded 0.8. The average individual total is 2.6.

Fakel U19

The away team has already played a sufficient number of matches; let's consider the statistics for the last ten games. The team Fakel U19 has accumulated 2 wins, 3 draws, and 5 losses. Also, note that in the last ten matches, the away team managed to score 7, with an average total of goals conceded at 1.2. For the complete statistics, it's worth mentioning that the overall average total is 0.3.

Prediction for the Match CSKA U21 - Fakel U19

We have gathered and analyzed a large amount of data: detailed statistics, the history of head-to-head meetings, and the current form of the teams. We are confident that we can expect a highly intense and saturated match, where neither side will surrender without a fight. Nevertheless, despite the unpredictability of the match, we have prepared a prediction that has high chances of success and are ready to share it with you: Total under (2.5) with coefficient 2.

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