Hockey Match Schedule

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00:00 16 Jun
Edmonton Oilers
Florida Panthers
Australia Australian Ice Hockey League
04:00 16 Jun
Melbourne Mustangs
Sydney Ice Dogs
06:00 16 Jun
Newcastle North Stars
Central Coast Rhinos
06:45 16 Jun
Adelaide Adrenaline
Perth Thunder

Hockey match schedule on Tipsta

Hockey stands tall as one of the world's most exhilarating sports. Played on ice rinks across continents, top clubs have fanbases that span countries and cultures. Given its global appeal, it's no surprise that hockey is a favorite in betting arenas. For those passionate about placing bets on hockey games, Tipsta has designed a special section detailing the fixtures for the upcoming two days. We refresh our lineup daily, ensuring that bettors and fans are always up-to-date with puck drop times.

Every day, Tipsta users can delve into a detailed list of games from numerous hockey leagues worldwide. We cover not just the elite leagues like the NHL, KHL, and SHL, but also leagues from countries like Finland's Liiga, Switzerland's National League, and the Czech Republic's Extraliga.

Our user-friendly table format presents a plethora of games, neatly organized by league. Each game showcases team names, logos, dates, and puck drop times. If there's a live stream for a particular game, we provide a direct link.

In the 'Predictions' column, a number indicates the total forecasts made for that particular game on our platform. Clicking on this number directs you to a page brimming with user predictions, popular outcomes, and insights from hockey analysts. Odds for each team's win and a tie are displayed for easy reference, especially beneficial when sifting through multiple leagues. While team names alone might not reveal the excitement of a match, the provided odds and game highlights offer a deeper understanding of the teams' potential, allowing users to explore a myriad of betting options on the specific game page.