Dota 2 Match Schedule

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World RES Regional Series Europe
12:00 14 Jul
Rest Farmers
16:00 14 Jul
Night Pulse
World Riyadh Masters
12:30 14 Jul
LGD Gaming
12:30 14 Jul
Blacklist International
12:30 14 Jul
Team Falcons
12:30 14 Jul
15:15 14 Jul
Xtreme Gaming
15:15 14 Jul
PSG Quest
15:15 14 Jul
Team Liquid
15:15 14 Jul

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Dota 2, a game of strategy and skill, enthralls gamers globally. Recognizing its worldwide popularity and the growing trend in esports betting, Tipsta introduces a dedicated section for upcoming Dota 2 matches. We update daily, ensuring fans and bettors are always informed about game start times and team lineups.

Each day, Tipsta users can delve into battles from major tournaments like The International, ESL One, and the dynamic Dota Pro Circuit. Our platform mirrors the expansive and electrifying Dota 2 universe, catering to both casual viewers and dedicated bettors.

Our table format is crafted for simplicity and precision. Matches are organized by tournament, detailing team names, regions, and game start times. If a match is streamed live, we provide a direct link for real-time spectating.

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