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Paris Basketball
76 : 115
Ended 12 Jun 2024, 19:05
Paris Basketball

Prediction for Paris Basketball - Monaco 12 June 2024

On 12 June 2024 at 22:05, a basketball match will take place where Paris Basketball will host the team Monaco on their court. Both clubs have typical lineups with agile forwards and towering centers, but only one of them will succeed in achieving the ultimate victory. Who will it be? Let's delve into it together and make a prediction.

Head-to-Head Encounters Paris Basketball - Monaco

Paris Basketball and Monaco have faced each other 10 times. Therefore, it's clear that there won't be many surprises for them on the court, as everyone already understands what to expect from each other. Let's recall the score of the last face-to-face meeting – 59:88, which took place on 09 June 2024. Now, who will manage to outplay the opponent this time will be determined a bit later, after analyzing other important aspects of the match.

Statistical Prediction for Paris Basketball and Monaco

Paris Basketball

Basketball is a team game, and much depends on the individual condition of the players approaching the game. However, how the basketball players perform together is equally important. In the last ten matches, the basketball club Paris Basketball secured 6 victories and suffered 4, resulting in a winning percentage of 73%. Over this period, the team averaged 83.7, allowing opponents to score 82.8 into their basket. What level of performance can be expected from the home team in this encounter?


A ten-match stretch is quite significant, and during this period, the visitors managed to secure 8 victories. A defeat was recorded 2. After these ten matches, the away team was able to accumulate 842. Additionally, it's worth mentioning that, on average, they scored 84.2 points per match while conceding an average of 74.4.

Prediction for the Match Paris Basketball - Monaco

This encounter promises to be exciting and interesting. The basketball players of both teams undoubtedly deserve victory, but it will go to only one club. Who will it be? Will Paris Basketball score more than usual at home, or will Monaco prevent this from happening? We have carefully analyzed the current form of the opponents and their statistical indicators, so we are ready to make the final choice of the prediction. Our forecast: Handicap 2 (-2.5) with coefficient 1.9

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