World Club Friendly Games
Ural Yekaterinburg
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Ended 11 Jul 2024, 14:00

Prediction for Ural Yekaterinburg - Qizilqum 11 July 2024

Another match of the Club Friendly Games tournament is knocking on our windows and doors! Ural Yekaterinburg will face Qizilqum, and the start of the match is scheduled for 11 July 2024 at 17:00. Don't know which side to favor in this pair? We have compiled a forecast based on statistical data and other interesting factors that will give you a clear understanding of the match and help you make a profit.

Head-to-Head Ural Yekaterinburg - Qizilqum

Ural Yekaterinburg and Qizilqum will face each other for the first time in history. One of the main factors in the analysis is head-to-head encounters, but in this case, we relied solely on the performances of the teams this season. Ural Yekaterinburg, with the support of their fans at home, will aim to outplay their opponent.

Statistical Prediction for Ural Yekaterinburg vs Qizilqum

Ural Yekaterinburg

Let's delve into the results of the last ten matches played by the home team to understand the current form of Ural Yekaterinburg. The statistics for wins, losses, and draws are as follows: 2, 4, and 4. Total goals scored: 11. Clearly, such performance and the outcomes of recent matches speak for themselves. Therefore, it is worth carefully considering what specific prediction to make in this context.


What is happening with the team Qizilqum? The guests are struggling immensely in the Club Friendly Games tournament. Currently, the team is at the bottom, and its results are causing real horror for the fans: 1, 3, and 6. Can Qizilqum improve its dire situation in the upcoming round?

Prediction for the Match Ural Yekaterinburg - Qizilqum

The most crucial moment has come - choosing a bet for this match. Analyzing the performance statistics of the teams, their head-to-head meetings, and also considering the tournament standings, we can confidently say that there is a reliable outcome for this encounter: Total under (3.5) with coefficient 1.68.

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