Venezuela Copa Venezuela
Rayo Zuliano
1 : 1
Ended 11 Jul 2024, 19:30
Maritimo de la Guaira

Prediction for Rayo Zuliano - Maritimo de la Guaira 11 July 2024

Another match of the Copa Venezuela tournament is knocking on our windows and doors! Rayo Zuliano will face Maritimo de la Guaira, and the start of the match is scheduled for 11 July 2024 at 22:30. Don't know which side to favor in this pair? We have compiled a forecast based on statistical data and other interesting factors that will give you a clear understanding of the match and help you make a profit.

Head-to-Head Rayo Zuliano - Maritimo de la Guaira

Perhaps the choice of a bet for the upcoming match would have been easier if Rayo Zuliano and Maritimo de la Guaira had already played against each other. However, this is the first personal meeting between the teams. Therefore, we rely more on analyzing the current form of the hosts and guests, which we will discuss further.

Statistical Prediction for Rayo Zuliano vs Maritimo de la Guaira

Rayo Zuliano

The current form of the home team looks as follows. In the last ten games, the team Rayo Zuliano has won 3 times, lost 5, and also had 2 draws. In the results of the last ten matches at home, Rayo Zuliano scores an average of 1.5, concedes an average of 1.5. The total number of goals scored is 8.

Maritimo de la Guaira

To assess the performance of the away team, a sample of ten matches was taken. Currently, the away team has 2 wins, 3 draws, and 0 losses in the last ten matches. Over the past ten matches, Maritimo de la Guaira can boast 11 scored goals, while conceding an average of 1.2. The overall average total for the last ten matches is 2.

Prediction for the Match Rayo Zuliano - Maritimo de la Guaira

And now, onto the most interesting part—the choice of a bet for the match! We have carefully analyzed all the factors and tried to steer clear of pitfalls. Head-to-head encounters, team form, and a sea of statistical information have helped us find a profitable and enticing option for betting. We can't wait to share the fruits of our work, and we are ready to introduce you to it: Total over (3.5).

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